Summer 2016


Summer 2016


Remember all those classic Nick show you call “an oldie but a goodie”? Well, now they come in the form of collectible goodies!

Filled with items from apparel to USB drives, from Rugrats to Rocko’s Modern Life, this box is tailored to all of your nostalgic needs. Each item in the box is a one-of-a-kind collectible, designed exclusively for you, by us! Now you can always remember the shape of Arnold’s head, the color of Stimpy’s nose, and the number of hairs on Tommy’s head. The box includes:

Reptar Vinyl Figure: Admit it, you’ll be starstruck.

Cynthia Doll Replica: You can finally get your hands on it without facing Angelica’s wrath!

Rugrats Coasters: The Rugrats have joined forces to protect your tabletops and surfaces.

Spunky Plush: Hide your trash, hide your mops.

Chuckie T-Shirt & Glasses: Unleash your inner-Finster.

Stimpy Mug: “A hot cup of tea, oh joy!”

Greeting Cards: Stationery just got way cooler.

Catdog USB Drive: Don’t worry, you can trust these guys with your files.

Iron-On Patches: Now your favorite Nicktoons are stuck to you forever.


Winter 2016


Winter 2016


When you walk into a burger joint, do you hear Kel’s voice in your head saying, “Welcome to good burger, home of the good burger?” Have you dreamt of climbing to the top of Aggro Crag mountain? Have you searched hardware stores far and wide for a flashlight that could grant you entry into the Midnight Society?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions (or even if you didn’t), it’s time you met the Live Action Box. It looks like this:

Guts Aggro Crag Statue: Because there is a Guts champion inside each and every one of us.

Are You Afraid of the Dark? Flashlight: Now you can solve all of life’s mysteries.

Pete & Pete Hat: Red and black flannel never looked so good.

Shrine of the Silver Monkey Puzzle: Build a mini version of the iconic Olmec’s Temple room.

Clarissa Explains It All Notebook and Stickers: So that you too can explain it all!

Double Dare “Pick It” Nose Tissue Dispenser: The only kind of nose-picking we encourage.

Petunia Tattoo: We know you need an excuse to flex your arm all day.

Make Your Own Stick Stickly Kit: If you know him, you know he’s more than just a Popsicle stick.

Good Burger Apron: “Welcome to Nick Box, home of the Nick Box. Can we take your subscription order?”